Renting Marketplace Has a Rock-Solid Business Model

A renting marketplace runs on the principle of value i.e. everything has value, even the used items. Based on peer-to peer renting, your online renting platform must connect three parties viz. goods owner, renter and website admin thereby solving their distinct purpose.

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How a Renting Marketplace Works & Generates Revenue

We Will Be Ready With Our RECOMMERCE SOLUTION soon. Yo!Rent will make your rental portal SIMPLER & MORE USER FRIENDLY and cater to the different requisites of this on-demand model.

The Business Model
The Business Model


Ecommerce rental economy is huge. If you are keen to launch your Renting Marketplace, stick to diverse ways of revenue generation. Both the owner of old products/goods and the portal owner can earn handsomely by putting a good revenue model in place. Based on sharing economy, your online renting website must have a scope for following revenue sources.


Set and manage commissions based on the fixed amount cut from the payment made by renters. An easy to track/manage system is a must for adding this transaction based revenue and handling it stress-freely .


Add subscription module to earn from users’ subscription. Let them subscribe to your site for a week/month/year and earn periodic fee. It’s one of the most common income streams of renting marketplaces.


Ads focused features will attract different advertisers to your renting portal and give you the ease to start, manage, control campaigns. Setting number of impressions for a certain timeframe, setting cost per impression/click, etc. are a few features of a renting website.


An affiliate module also facilitates commissions and lets merchants/sellers/lenders link to partner websites. The products get rented through advertisements on the websites/platforms of affiliates.

The Revenue Model

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To Create a Rental Marketplace Development System that Will Dedicatedly Serve to Online Renting Business Plans

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    High on performance and nil on errors, that’s how we have envisioned our Renting ECommerce Solution to be.

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    We are focusing majorly on usability and user experience so Yo!Rent is on its way to take you by surprise with its user friendliness.

  • Responsive

    To woo the mobile a smartphone generation, we will craft seamless mobile experience that will give renting portals the ease to offer omni-channel experience.

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  • Multi-vendor Functionality

  • Social media integration

  • Content management system

  • Smart Review Management

  • Email notifications

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